Artist Statement

My installations and sculptures combine found and slip cast objects and meticulously hand-sculpted works to create an altered reality. Conventional functions and pre-existing notions of our experiences with familiar objects are transposed. Many of my sculptures depict human body parts, or the imprint of the body engaging with common materials and objects that relate to domesticity and labor. Some works are freeze frames of actions occurring, while other works produce an echoing absence of a person who once occupied the space. Presenting the viewer with a paradox of objects and action or inaction unsettles emotions and thoughts that in the pursuit of “progress” are often suppressed. Creating ground for an active dialogue between the past and present state of mind, they are glimpses into the psyche, an ambiguous narrative of my life experience. They are simultaneously past and present, where “normal” objects are twisted by contradiction in a dream like nostalgic haze of the remembrance of a feeling.